Valo Teamwork

Valo Teamwork brings together
all your collaboration tools

Managing between multiple workspaces and tools can be exhausting.
Valo Teamwork brings everything together in one view and allows
administrators have full control over workspace lifecycle.


Valo Teamwork – watch the video to see what it is all about

One Dashboard for Everything

Organize your groups in one view and access each team’s collaboration tools quickly. Use search to locate documents and discussions easily. Available directly from your Microsoft Teams or as a part of your intranet.

Image module
Image module

Find documents and discussions easily

Use search to locate documents and discussions from across your groups. It’s easier to find everything now.

Manage your Workspaces

Teamwork makes the process of ordering, approving and managing workspaces easy.

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Image module

Create your own Templates

Create your own site templates with customized front page, libraries and metadata without coding, using the industry-standard PnP Templates framework.