An intranet you’ll fall in love with

Valo Intranet is the center of all internal communication and teamwork on your organization. It
offers all the features your team will need – along with a beautiful user experience.

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Engage employees
and exchange ideas

Communicate they way you’re used to. Comment, like and share status updates.

Available in 20+ languages

Valo Multilingual lets you manage content in multiple languages, allowing for a truly global, multilingual intranet.

Modern & Classic
SharePoint Compatible

Valo Intranet supports all Modern SharePoint features, as well as Classic SharePoint.

Responsive and mobile

Completely responsive user experience in mobile browsers and our mobile app, available for iOS and Android.
SharePoint 2013-2019 & Online
Global delivery network
Modern & Classic SharePoint
Fast deployment
Customize to your brand
Pay-once lifetime license


Valo Teamwork brings all your collaboration tools together

Managing between multiple workspaces and tools can be exhausting. Teamwork brings everything together in one view and let’s administrators have full control of the group lifecycle.

Available as an Add-on or a Stand-alone Product

Group lifecycle

Teamwork makes the process of ordering,
approving and managing groups easy.

Find documents
and discussions quickly

Find the latest documents and discussions in
any group using filters and search.

One dashboard
for everything

Organize your groups in one view and access
each team’s collaboration tools promptly.


Drive innovation with Valo Idea Management

Co-create and drive innovation while having fun. Valo Idea Management lets your workers present new ideas, discuss and score them.

Available as an Add-on or a Stand-alone Product

Motivate to share ideas

Make development fun by ranking the idea cards and scoring the employee activity. Let your workers decide on the best ideas.

Reward creativity

Reward contributions and popular ideas. Recognition is a great way to boost employee activity.

Forge your team together

Capture insights effectively and create a strong, collaborative workplace by giving a voice to everyone in your organization.

Delivery partners in United Arab Emirates

We offer a ready-to-go solution, fast deployment and expert support through our global partner
network. You’ll be up and running in no time!

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Fast deployment

We can deliver as fast as in one week, with delivery partners in 45+ countries.

Get continuous updates

Get updates on platform changes and peace of mind with Valo Fresh subscription.